Timber Blinds Adelaide

Every home needs that simple touch and exquisite feel when choosing blinds. Our timber blinds Adelaide offer this and more, with its timeless and natural appearance to suit modern and traditional homes. Timber Blinds AdelaideAs a result of this, it is the choice of the blind to Australians, especially in Adelaide. Having an extensive range of shades and sizes of blinds available to choose from, you can never go wrong. From contemporary to modern colors available, there is one right for you.


Timber Blinds Adelaide

It is our aim to meet the demand for style and elegance every home desires. While Timber blinds have upheld their beauty since ancient times; they still prove popular. As they are and remain an ideal choice in Adelaide, we are not limited to environs in and around Adelaide. We believe roller blinds Adelaide that are of good quality should be affordable, of great value, hard-wearing and brilliant looking.


Why Choose Us?

Our blinds are made from the finest timbers which undergo UV treatment and kilning process to stabilize its properties. This means you get top-notch quality timber blinds, which look great and are value for money, delivered to you.

With our blinds, you have full of control of light coming into the room due to its versatile build. By use of cords, the horizontal slats can be tilted to let light in or closed completely. Also, our blinds come with safety cleats in case you choose to raise or lower the blind completely

Our venetian blinds Adelaide are multi-functional because they are hard-wearing, low maintenance, and water resistant. They are easy to install, and measurements are made to your specification. Hence, staying true to its nature, the blinds bring feeling and warmth of natural wood.


Why Timber Blinds Are Ideal

  • It is easy to clean.
  • Available in a range of colors and shade.
  • Creates a clean, comfortable and relaxed environment
  • It can withstand harsh temperature and condition.
  • Timeless nature of timber provides warmth and style to a home.

For your timber blinds Adelaide experts, choose us!